LYPS INC was established by Brendan Donnison in 1982 to fulfil the highly specialised requirements of ADR Group and Revoicing work for the film and television industries both in Europe and North America.

Since then Lyps Inc has emerged as Europe's pre-eminent specialist in the casting, co-ordination and direction of all voicework activities, supplying additionally, a comprehensive range of back-up services including editorial and the booking of appropriate ADR stages at extremely favourable rates.

VOICE CASTING. No more trawling through actors' audio tapes. Ask about our unique voice casting system to picture.

Lyps Inc aims to provide voicework of the highest quality at the most competitive prices available in the UK. Our range of languages, dialects, and accents are equally comprehensive, from Afghani Pashtu to Mandarin Chinese, Swahili to French Canadian: always authentic and thoroughly researched.

First choice for film directors the world over, Lyps Inc has worked notably, amongst many others, with Jean Jacques Annaud, Bille August, Bruce Beresford, Bernardo Bertolucci, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Tim Burton, Jane Campion, Liliana Cavani, Richard Donner, Blake Edwards, Mel Gibson, Paul Glaser, Peter Greenaway, Peter Hall, Werner Herzog, Roland Joffe, Anthony Minghella, Nick Park, Bob Rafelson, Nicholas Roeg, Ken Russell, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Peter Ustinov, Vincent Ward and Peter Yates.

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